Daytime Camps for Kids in Cedar Hill TX

Looking for Daytime Camps for Kids in Cedar Hill TX For Your Elementary School Kids?

Camp Skylark Offers Exciting Activities, Games, and Enduring Experiences!

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Just what do your school-age kids in Cedar Hill TX achieve through the summertime if not in school and you nevertheless are employed?

  • Pay a visit to grandparents?
  • Finish all their home work?
  • Lose touch with their schoolmates?
  • Engage in nonstop computer games?

Isn't it time to rethink summertime for your children – look at a few exceptional, socially-interactive, sports alternatives?

You try to find Daytime Camps for Kids that is near to you in Cedar Hill TX, one location that will accommodate your child watching requirements yet let them enjoy summer months of unforgettable memories – and you will find that with Camp Skylark!

At Camp Skylark, we have collaborated to rethink summer programs to make them a site where school-age children (1st to 6th Grade) can come together to have fun with the new-found friends they will find!

So why is Camp Skylark different from other Daytime Camps for Kids?

  • All Summer – Ten weeks of individual enjoyable options!

  • Affordable – Summer day camp at childcare rates with extended hours!

  • Accessible – Collaborating with nearby places of worship close to you in Cedar Hill TX!

Each place supplies individual summer day camp themes so your kids can check out the Camp Skylark places close to you in Cedar Hill TX and learn what every week's content will be!

You can sign up for each of the 10 weeks presented from May 30 thru August 5, 2022 or only sign up and pay for the weeks you plan to be there – how convenient is that?

The every-day enjoyable summer day camp hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. - however, do not be concerned, Camp Skylark additionally provides before regular hours dropping-off and late pick-up for an additional fee whenever you require that additional time.

Here are some of the Camp Activities your children can select:

  • Challenge Courses
  • Dodgeball in a Gaga Pit
  • Inflataparks
  • Dancing for Exercise
  • RC Cars
  • Competition Between Teams
  • Many More!

You can start to register on March 1, 2022!

If you are searching for Daytime Camps for Kids in Cedar Hill TX, your perfect option is Camp Skylark!

Got School-Aged Children Fearing Dull Summertime Activities?

Discover The Top Daytime Camps for Kids in Cedar Hill TX With Camp Skylark!

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When does camp start?

  • Camp begins Monday, May 30, 2022
  • 10 Weeks of Camp available
  • The last week of camp is August 1-5

How much does camp cost?

  • Camp Registration: $250/wk per child.
  • Early drop off: $45/wk
  • Late Pickup: $45/wk
  • Both Early and Late: $80/wk

Does Skylark move?

  • No! Skylark stays at the same church all summer to allow camp to be consistent and allow campers to come all summer!
  • How many weeks can my child come?
  • Campers can come as many weeks as they want! Register for all 10 weeks to experience all the fun and surprises each week of camp includes.
  • Do kids have to come every week?
  • No, you only sign up and pay for the weeks you need. This can be as many or few as you decide to choose.

What are the camp hours?

  • Camp hours are 9-4. We also have before and after camp care from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM which can be added when you register. You must sign up ahead of time for your camper to attend these.

What should my child bring to camp?

  • Dry clothing, swim suit, water bottle, any books they are reading and, if available, a Bible.

Who can pick up my camper?

  • For safety reasons, campers can only be picked up by authorized pickups. Parents set authorized pickups in their parent portal. At the end of the camp day, authorized pickups are required to present a code they've been assigned, as well as a government issued ID.

Can I drop my child off late or pick them up early?

  • You may drop off your child late or pick them up early. We ask that you notify our staff ahead of time if possible.

Can my child attend a partial week of camp?

  • We encourage campers to attend each full week they are registered to get the full Skylark experience. While this is not required, registration is only for full weeks. Missing days of camp does not reduce the cost of a registered week.

Am I registering my child based on the grade they’re in or the grade they are entering?

  • Campers are registered for the grade they are entering the fall after camp

What is the cancellation fee?

  • Normal cancellations require us to keep the initial deposit to cover office costs.

Does my child need to have health insurance?

  • Yes

Does my child need to bring their own lunch or snacks?

  • Campers need to bring their own lunch. We will provide a snack in the afternoon.

Are you a peanut free facility?

  • Yes. We ask that campers not bring peanuts for the safety of all campers.