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Week 1 // May 27 – 31
Week 2 // Jun 3 – 7
Week 3 // Jun 10 – 14
Week 4 // Jun 17 – 21
Week 5 // Jun 24 – 28
Week 6 // Jul 1 – 5
Week 7 // Jul 8 – 12
Week 8 // Jul 15 – 19
Week 9 // Jul 22 – 26
Week 10 // Jul 29 – Aug 2
Week 11 // Aug 5 – 9

Price: $325 per week


Camp Director
Hi my name is Tanner and I'm the Camp Director at Northway. I'm pumped to have you at camp here in Dallas! We are already planning an incredible summer and registration opens SOON, so save your spot and come see us next summer!


Our weekly theme days are the highlight of the week for staff and campers! Every Thursday is a unique dress-up day for campers and staff to come in costume and enjoy a theme party with special activities and experiences. Whether it's cowboys and aliens or Shark Week meets Christmas in July, Skylark campers will have a blast!

  1. Super Spy - The first week of summer camp is always a SUPER time! We love heroes at Skylark, so come to camp dressed as a superhero, spy, or even  …. dun dun dun ….  a super spy!

  2. Glowlympics - This summer, we’re all about the Olympics! Come dressed in neon with your game face on for some fierce and funny competition in a black light ”stadium” where your talents can truly shine. 

  3. It’s Your  Birthday. - OFFICE MEMO: We’ve decided to celebrate everyone’s birthday for the whole year on one special day. Please come dressed in business attire or a good old fashioned party hat. We will play games, eat cake or maybe even have a nice cobbler. It’s everyone’s birthday.

  4. Pancakes &  Pajamas Party - The only thing better than pancakes is eating pancakes in your jammies. Come to camp wearing your fave pajamas for a  late afternoon brunch with sticky games and a mountain of pancakes.

  5. Sails N' Tails - ARRRRRR you ready to go under the sea with us? Who has more fun at a party? Pirates or Mermaids? Well, matey, we ARRRRR going to find out! Come to camp wearing pirate, sailor, or mermaid costumes because here at Skylark, our seaweed is always greener.

  6. Uncle Sam’s Birthday Jam - What do Bomb Pops, hot dogs, bald eagles, aviator glasses, watermelons, apple pie and sack races have in common? We are celebrating all things America! Come to camp wearing all the patriotic things you own and get ready to celebrate the 4th on the 5th!

    1. The Final Frontier - (epic music playing in the background) …  Where the wild west meets a world of cowboys, aliens, astronauts and space rangers, we are going where no camper has gone before. Come to camp wearing your cowboy boots, astronaut helmets, alien antennas and anything in between. 

    2. Safari Adventure - Jambo!! We are headed deep into the bush for a safari caper like you’ve never seen before. Come dressed as a jungle animal or safari guide for this expedition. Wear your running shoes, because the game’s “afoot”... (pun intended).

    3. Chomping all the way - On a most fateful Thursday, July 25th is a monumental collision. It’s here that Christmas in July and Shark Week meet in all their glory. We love Jesus more than anything. And Jesus made sharks. There is no better way and no better day to celebrate Jesus and Sharks together. Come wearing your favorite Christmas outfit, a shark fin, or a truly exciting mix of both. 

    4. Go for the Gold!  - WE’VE BEEN WAITING ALL SUMMER FOR THIS!!!! It’s the first week of the Summer Olympics and we are cheering for Team USA! Woohoo!. Wear your red, white and blue, or just go gold medal themed for some silly Skylark-flavored competition.

    5. The Skylark Rodeo - Howdy folks! This ain’t your Grandpappy’s rodeo, it’s a Skylark Rodeo! Come dressed as a wrangler, a rodeo clown, or maybe even a wild bull if that’s more your style. Get ready for the ride of your life and some yummy treats at the Skylark Rodeo.


Northway Church

Skylark loves our Northway Site. Their passion is for their city to encounter the truth, goodness, and beauty of Jesus. We look forward to partnering with Northway this summer!