What is SIGMA?

At Skylark we love slides, but there's no "Summer Slide" in reading happening here! SIGMA stands for the Skylark Institute for Getting More Awesome. This program was created by Dr. Marnie Nair and is designed to integrate reading into each day as an individualized and engaging educational component of our camp experience and values.

At Skylark we LOVE reading!

  • We read with and to students and talk about books a LOT!
  • We help them develop the skills to become strong readers at whatever their level.
  • We provide parents with resources to turn their home into a reader’s paradise. Check out a sample here!

Our Program:

  • Develops a positive attitude toward reading
  • Targets instruction specific to each student
  • Results in motivated readers

Irving Bible

Research has shown that reading aloud to students improves comprehension (Duke & Pearson, 2008), vocabulary (Massaro, 2017), and fluency (Trelease, 2001).

Irving Bible

Dr. Marnie Nair, Education Design

Dr. Nair earned her doctorate in Human Development and Psychology with a focus on Language and Literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as well as a master's degree in special education and reading from Teachers College at Columbia University, and a bachelor's degree in comparative literature from UC Berkeley.

A camp counselor dressed up like a princess with a pink wig reading to her young campers