Why is Skylark So Campy?

May 13, 2022

Campy: /ˈkampē/ – (adjective) : in the style of camp: absurdly exaggerated or affected in a usually humorous way

Why wouldn’t we be? 

At Camp Skylark, one of our taglines is “Rethink Camp!” Our goal is to bring all the fun of traditional camping right here to our five sites across Dallas! One of our core values is accessibility and for many families, especially our families needing a full-summer option for childcare, driving a few hours out to a camp in the woods and paying for multiple weeks of overnight camp isn’t really an option. 

But camp is SO FUN!! So, we thought to ourselves, why not make all the greatness of camp accessible without the travel or expense? Skylark is everything kids love about camp, now made possible in a local setting for one week or all summer! Just like those traditional camp experiences, we all loved growing up, Skylark has silly dances, hysterical skits, catchy catch-phrases, theme parties, outdoor games, crafts, and with the addition of our X-TOURS, we also have a rock wall, ninja course, and GIANT waterslides! Not to mention Skylark’s new reading program, SIGMA (aka the Skylark Institute for Getting More Awesome). It may sound campy, but it’s a program curated by our Harvard consultant and developed with the same excellence we strive for in everything. Yes. Be impressed.

We are also providing a hot lunch and snack this year, just like the good ‘ol camp dining hall! We are so excited to be able to offer this to our families. With inflation and food costs going up, providing lunch adds even more value to your week of camp! Whew! And let me tell you, it also makes the morning rush so much easier not having to pack a lunch (high five emoji).

What Is Rally at Skylark?

Rally is one of the best parts of our Skylark Summer Day Camp program! Every morning and afternoon we’ll gather as a large group to have a quick party with songs, dancing, a Bible study, a skit, and games. This interactive time allows campers to laugh, yell, move, and be part of all the campy-ness of camp! Check out this snapshot of our rally time!

Every week parents are invited to come to a parent rally- a special afternoon during pickup when they get a sneak peek into the campy fun their kiddos have probably been trying to describe all week. 

We just love camp and we love bringing camp to a site near you! If you haven’t found the location most convenient for your family, just check out our locations page! Each site has its own page with a list of our 10 different theme parties for all 10 weeks. You can meet the Site Director and find out a little more about the church partner hosting camp at that location. 

We can’t wait to see you this summer! Register now and come be campy with us!

Check out this sneak peek of our unforgettable X-TOURS!