Cottonwood Creek Church






Week 1   //  May 29 – Jun 2
Week 2   //  Jun 5 – 9 (VBS Week!)
Week 3   //  Jun 12 – 16
Week 4   //  Jun 19 – 23
Week 5   //  Jun 26 – 30
Week 6   //  Jul 3, 5 – 7*
Week 7   //  Jul 10 – 14
Week 8   //  Jul 17 – 21
Week 9   //  Jul 24 – 28
Week 10 //  (Closed) **
Week 11  // (Closed)**

*(Closed Tues, July 4th)

**(Other Skylark locations are open weeks 10 and 11 & our Plano site is only 15 minutes away!)


Camp Director

Hi my name is Jacob and I'm the Camp Director at Cottonwood Creek next summer. Can't wait to see you all at camp, so register quick to save your spot. You won't believe what we have in store this summer!



Our three signature experience packages are coming to your camp site on a rotation throughout the summer. Check out the schedule below to see when they're coming to you!

Find out more about the X-Tours Here!

Week 1 – HYPE

Week 2 – HYPE

Week 3 – HYPE

Week 4 – SPLASH & VERT

Week 5 – SPLASH & VERT

Week 6 – SPLASH & VERT

Week 7 – SPLASH

Week 8 – SPLASH

Week 9 – SPLASH



Our weekly theme days are fun ways for campers to dress up and try new games, challenges, and activities.  The theme "dress-up" day is Friday, but the skits and all camp games will be related to the theme all week long. These activities will vary week to week depending on weather, but each week's fun new theme brings a fresh experience, making every week of camp unique!

Week 1: Zoo Switcheroo – Lions, tigers, bears, OH MY! Come dressed as your favorite animal (or zookeeper) for an exotic adventure!

Week 2: Rocket & Roll – Are you ready to rock…to outer space!? Whether a rock star or a fan of rockets, get ready for an out-of-this-world week of games and activities for musicians, astronauts and aliens!

Week 3: Wildest Dreams – This will be the theme day of your dreams! Come dressed for your dream job or just roll up in your PJ’s for a dreamy week of camp.

Week 4: The Greatest Skylark Baking Showman – In a daring, fun-filled frenzy we are mixing up a baking show with some circus flavors. Come as a chef, a clown, or a trapeze artist and see what kind of silliness we’re going to throw in the mixing bowl.

Week 5: Dude Purrrrrrfect  – Everyone loves a good cat video and an exciting challenge. Why not celebrate both? Whether you’re all about furry friends or landing a golf ball in a baby pool with a backwards shot from 100 ft, this is definitely the theme for you. Come dressed as a cat and/or ready to challenge skills you never knew you always had. (No cats will be used in any challenges due to federal laws)

Week 6: Red, White & WHOdunit? – Follow the clues through this red, white and blue mystery that needs to be solved. Come dressed as the most patriotic American or detective gear as we solve WHOdunit.

Week 7: Captain Hook’s Karate Class – HiYARGH! What’s the only thing cooler than pirates? Pirates who are also ninjas! Come to camp as a pirate, ninja, or anything in between for a day of adventures on the high seas and black belt training.

Week 8: Highway to the Manger Zone – Christmas in July is coming at the speed of sound! And we’ll be landing the plane right in front of the manger. Put on your aviators, leather jackets, or Christmas swag to celebrate as all good Top Gun pilots should.

Week 9: Grandpaw Patrol – Whether you come dressed as a rescue pup like Chase or Skye or you show up in Granny or Grandpaw threads (or even a mix of both), you’ll be in good company with your friends across camp. There are adventures to have at Skylark Bay, Grandpaw patrol is on a roll!


Cottonwood Creek Church

Skylark loves our Cottonwood Creek Church Site! The desire of Cottonwood Creek Church is to help people develop a deep and sustainable relationship with God. We look forward to partnering with CCC this Summer!