How Skylark Hires Summer Camp Staff

March 1, 2022

At Skylark, we care about your children. That’s why we put so much care into selecting our staff members. We make sure that when you leave your kids with us, you’re leaving them with people you can trust. The summer camp staff at Skylark care deeply about your child and also create the most exciting and welcoming environment! Here is some more insight into how we choose our staff so you can know exactly who you and your children will be meeting this summer:

Local Staff & Volunteers

We recruit all over Texas for high school and college students and young adults that love camp, love working with kids, and love Jesus. We start at our church sites to spread the word about Skylark and invite church members and their high school and college kids to be part of summer day camp with us. The same goes for Volunteers! We love it when church members and students get involved. This is to not only continue to build a strong and enduring relationship with our church partners, but also so our campers will be able to see these same welcoming and friendly faces on a Sunday morning visit to church that they’ve gotten to know during their week of summer day camp!

College Students

In addition to our church sites, we also visit college campuses! We visit schools like Baylor, A&M, and DBU to connect with the best and brightest (and campiest) students that call the Dallas area home for the summer! We love the insight, wisdom, and energy that college students bring to camp and love having them on staff.

Application Process

After they apply to work at Skylark, our applicants go through a rigorous interview process, including references, and must pass a background check. Many of our staff, especially our leadership, have years of experience in other camp settings and they bring all that knowledge to Skylark. It’s a great collection of people with so many different backgrounds in summer day camp activities! It’s been amazing to compile all the fun under one roof and build something brand new using all of the knowledge and experience our full-time and summer staff bring to the table.

Staff Training

In May we do leadership and staff training. This week is fun and exciting, but it’s also incredibly thorough. Safety comes first at camp and that mindset is the foundation of all of our staff training. We know how to have fun (and believe me, this group of people REALLY does!) but, the safety and well-being of our campers is our top priority. We work through sessions about activity sites, practice skits, train for our SIGMA reading program, and… of course… we HAVE to test out our rock wall, ninja course, and GIANT inflatable water slides! 

Core Values of Skylark’s Summer Camp Staff

We only hire people who are already personally striving for excellence in our core values. We look for these key ingredients in the character and heart of each applicant. These are the 5 values we believe will be the most life-changing for campers as they are led through each day and week by our Skylark Summer Staff– 

  • Accessibility 
  • Hospitality
  • Joy
  • Heroism, and
  • Innovation. 

We have built a truly incredible team that will surely make this the summer of a lifetime! We are so excited to meet you.