What are SKYZONES at Camp Skylark?

April 20, 2023

One of Skylark’s core values is Innovation. We are always asking how camp can be even better! Something our campers communicated to us was their desire to spend more time doing the activities they really love. They wanted to have a structured free time to play with friends who may not be in their cabin group. We heard you, campers!

AND SO…. drum roll please…

Introducing SKYZONES at Camp Skylark

…this summer for the first time ever…we are introducing SKYZONES! We’re taking some of the well-known activity classes from summers past to create one big, epic experience! These are games and activities strategically grouped together to give campers some choice and flexibility in how they want to participate. 

It’s going to be so fun! We’ll have campers preparing for special ninja training, practicing for America’s Got Talent, or cultivating new ideas in our creation station within our themed SKYZONES. This will also be a great time for campers to shop in the camp store or buy a sweet snack! 

Intentional Camp Experience

Because we value investing time with campers, we are so pumped for the additional opportunities Skyzones at Skylark will provide for an intentional camp experience. These grouped activity settings will allow our summer staff and leadership to have windows of time to slow down and build deeper relationships with campers while program staff help oversee the variety of activities. Our counselors are challenged throughout the summer to be intentional about personal investment in each camper’s life. They desire to provide campers with friendship and leadership that will result in personal growth and character development all summer.

Our staff desires to model Christ-like attitudes and actions. We want campers to see young adults who are super fun and cool and are also deeply committed to living a life full of the Fruits of the Spirit. The heart behind our 2023 summer Bible study is about cultivating the fruit of walking with Jesus. Our hope is that even during SKYZONE activities, it’s not just a time that’s FUN, but also personally impactful! 

Vision for SKYZONES

Our ultimate vision for SKYZONES at Skylark is to provide an extended time for campers to create fun memories while also learning about character traits of the Lord through the games and activities we provide. 

We are so excited for this new addition and we hope you are too!