Summer Camp Activities at Skylark

May 12, 2023

Skylark wants to give your children the best summer of their lives. A camp day is full of many different types of fun. What kinds of summer camp activities do we have? There are too many activities to name all at once! We just decided to share some of the favorite activity classes at Skylark from two of our full-time staff, Josh and Hannah, as well as a couple of our all-star summer staff, Jaylin and Sydney!

Josh’s Loves X-Tours

First off, Josh is our Director of Programs, so he’s in charge of all things fun around camp! Josh loves to jump around and have a great time, so naturally, he loves inflatables. Whether it’s the obstacle course, water slide, or bounce house, Josh makes sure they are at every site for maximum fun. We have over 10 different inflatables that rotate between our camp locations, during the X-Tours rotations. There’s always something new to try.

SkyZones Are Hannah’s Favorite Summer Camp Activity

Hannah is the camp director at TCAL in Mansfield. She helps lead our new activity called SkyZones. SkyZones are actually a grouping of activities where campers get to choose what they do. Options range from yard games to water activities to Creation Station, and more. Hannah is a creative and free-spirited person, and she loves to encourage campers to express themselves and do fun things. With her infectious energy and positive attitude, she’s the perfect person to help campers have a blast at all the new SkyZones!

Jaylin’s Favorite Summer Camp Activity

Jaylin’s all-time favorite activity class at Skylark is BATTLE CONES!! She says, 

“I could play at the Battle Cones station ALL DAY. After the countdown, players run around to tap the LED lights on top of the cones that correspond to their chosen color. Each tap of the player’s color is a point, and both players are competing with the goal of getting the most points by the end of the round. It is great exercise, for both camper and counselor!

As a counselor, I was given the opportunity to connect and have fun with my campers when I played against them at the Battle Cones station. My campers were given the opportunity to connect and have fun with their fellow campers when they played against each other! Not only this, but the Battle Cones activity class also allows campers to be creative while waiting for their turn to play or while playing the game! 

Camper Creativity At Skylark

One of my favorite memories of camper creativity at the Battle Cones station happened last summer at Skylark’s Irving Bible Church site. The main board that controls the Battle Cones has a fun setting that allows players to choose a specific theme (such as princesses or pirates), and the Battle Cones will make specific sounds based on the chosen theme. My cabin group that week loved the princess setting on the Battle Cones board and used the princess sounds as the background music to their imagined fairytale.

Connecting Activities to the Gospel

I loved witnessing the campers work together to bring their own creative and imaginative “twist” to the activity class. I also enjoyed getting to play along with them! Battle Cones is a great activity for campers to learn sportsmanship in both winning or losing a game and how important it is to cheer on others! Most importantly, Battle Cones (and every Skylark activity class) provides a creative way for counselors to be intentional with their campers in connecting the activity to the Gospel!” 

The Best Activity Class According to Sydney:

“While there are many incredible activity classes at Skylark, my favorite activity class is Quest! Quest is like your favorite adventure movie paired with an epic treasure hunt, and it’s all brought to life at camp. During this activity class, campers and their counselor will search high and low for Skylark’s infamous Golden Goblet. No one is quite sure who was last seen with this treasure, but if anybody can find it, it would be the campers!

Teamwork at Skylark

Because Quest is not an ordinary adventure, campers gear up with the coolest swords, foam Mashoongas,  and helmets. Some of my favorite memories from Quest involve a goblin and singing silly songs with my campers in exchange for clues. Quest is unique because each adventure is different, and it gives campers the opportunity to practice teamwork and communication in order to find the Golden Goblet. However, the coolest thing about Quest is that it points back to the idea that we all have the opportunity to accept the greatest treasure; Jesus.”

Enjoy These Summer Camp Activities at Skylark!

These are just a few of the many summer camp activities that we do at Skylark. Activity classes change every week, so there are always new ways to have fun at camp. If you want to meet our awesome staff and try their favorite activities, sign up for camp at a location near you!